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Friday, May 22, 2015

First post of a new spinner!

I'm very excited to be finally learning to spin and have decided to document my journey - or will it be adventures? - through this blog.
I've been blogging for a while over at I'm starting this blog so I can write in a slightly different way and to avoid subjecting my quilty followers to wooly posts.
I'd like to connect to other spinners through this medium - if you're in this category, welcome!!
(This photo was from the trade-me auction site.)
I bought my Ashford Traditional about 6 weeks the New Zealand on-line trading site, trademe. I've since read that it is recommended that you try a few different wheels before you buy! However for me the deciding factor was the brand - Ashford has a good name (and honestly at that stage was the only one of any note that I knew!), a friend of mine had an Ashford Traditional and is really happy with hers. This one was affordable and within picking up distance from where I live. Good reasons to me, I figured!!
The drive to pick up my 'new' wheel was interesting ... the location on trademe was Kaikohe, a small town about 50 mins from home, heading north the back way. However, I then had to travel another 30-ish minutes to Horeke, some of it on a metal road through pine forests ... I thoroughly enjoyed the scenic drive, I've driven the Managakahia Rd to Kaikohe plenty of times but don't think I 've ever been to Horeke.
The little known Horeke, in the Hokianga Harbour.
The seller was a lovely lady living in the bush, self sufficient for power...she'd only had the wheel about a year and had decided she didn't have the time to learn. The woman she'd bought her wheel off liked to work on preloved spinning (and weaving?) gear, restoring them and selling them to new homes. I was delighted when I saw my wheel, it still looked lovingly restored and was ready to spin!
Jargon I don't yet understand tells me my wheel is a single drive with a seperate drive band and Scotch tension. I looked up on Ashford's website and discovered the wheel is the same vintage as me, from the 60's, I won't be putting any bets on who will age the best!!
I think this is enough rambling for one day...thank you for reading along. I do hope you will come back for more of my journey :-)
Raewyn, a spinningfarmgirl.

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